Seeds: Informative program about Food Security

An awareness program initiative that works on introducing food security and its importance and the technology used to produce sustainable healthy food for future generations in the UAE.

Art Direction / Graphic Design


As the lead designer for the show, my goal was to create a visually striking opener and design package that would reflect the spirit of the program. The show focuses on the topic of food security around the world, and I wanted to use icons, imagery, and information that visually represented this global issue. To do this, I carefully curated a range of design elements that conveyed the themes of food, security, and the global community.

I used the color green and blue to represent food and technology, respectively, as I believed that these colors would be both visually appealing and help to create a cohesive and uniform look and feel for the show.

In order to create a strong and memorable visual identity for the show, I also designed a unique logo. I used the crest as an icon to represent the concept of security, and added three leaves sprouting from the word "Bithara" (which means "seeds" in Arabic) as a visual representation of the program's focus on growth and development.

Overall, I believe that my designs for the opener and design package effectively captured the spirit of the show and helped to create a cohesive and visually striking visual identity for the program.

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