The Global Manufacturing and Industrialisation Summit (GMIS)

The Global Manufacturing and Industrialisation Summit (GMIS) is the world’s first cross-industrial and cross-functional platform that offers a voice and venue for leaders to transform manufacturing and utilize technology as a tool for global cooperation and collaboration to encourage greater investment in capabilities, foster innovation and drive global skills development. GMIS was established in 2015 as an industry association to build bridges between manufacturers, governments and NGOs, technologists, and investors in harnessing the Fourth Industrial Revolution’s transformation of manufacturing to the regeneration of the global economy.


As the lead designer for the Global Manufacturing and Industrialisation Summit (GMIS), I was tasked with creating a set of style frames for the event. I worked closely with the animator to ensure that the design was visually appealing and easy to animate.

During the design process, I focused on incorporating mechanical and industrial elements that would reflect the event's focus on industry and technology. I experimented with different color palettes, typography, and graphic elements, and created rough sketches of various concepts.

Art Direction

I also served as the art director for the project, overseeing the refinement and iteration of the design. I worked with the animator to ensure that the final design was visually striking and cohesive, and that it effectively conveyed the event's brand and messaging.

Ultimately, the style frames that I designed for the GMIS event were a success, and played a key role in establishing the event's visual identity. I'm proud of the work that I did on this project, and I believe that it helped to make the event a memorable and impactful experience for attendees.

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