Illustration, Design, and Art Direction

Package Design

To design the overall branding and packaging for the Crescent Premium Tea brand, I began by researching Turkish culture and design. I looked at traditional patterns and motifs, as well as the country's rich history and traditions, to get inspiration for my designs. I also looked to the moon and its significance in Turkish culture and mythology as a source of inspiration.

Using these elements and inspiration, I created a visual identity for the brand. I incorporated traditional Turkish patterns and motifs into the packaging design, and used the crescent moon in the logo and branding materials. I also drew on Ottoman tradition, using rich, regal colors and ornate detailing to give the branding and packaging a sense of elegance and sophistication.

Overall, by using Turkish elements, the moon, and Ottoman tradition, I was able to create a unique and distinctive branding and packaging design for the Crescent Premium Tea brand that resonated with consumers and set the brand apart in the marketplace.

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